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3d printed farewell gift to colleague

Category : 3D, 3d printing, maya · No Comments · by November 10, 2017

Ever since I got a 3D printer the possibilites for even the simplest of things became real, like this farewell gift to a colleague who is off to new adventures, why not make it a more I-wont-forget-you kind of gift, especially when you have internal jokes haha.

This was a quick modeling session in maya (had to look at blueprints of the golden gate bridge to get it somewhat right and 3d print friendly), then once printed I painted some parts with acrylic paint, this was damn fun for such a small project!

The model in maya: (click for bigger images)

The 3d printed parts: (click for bigger images)

The assembled and painted version: (click for bigger images)

And a happy colleague: (click for bigger images)