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Octo loves coffee

Category : 3D, 3d printing, maya, zbrush · No Comments · by November 12, 2017

Just another fun modeling/sculpting project, made a quick base in maya and then sculpted everything in zbrush.
Did some quick texturing with quixel suite and substance painter to play around, both are incredibly fun to use and speeds up texturing workflow tons!
For the fun of it I also printed it with my 3D printer as one of the first test prints. I’ll do some finishing polish work on it in the future.

Zbrush sculpts: (click for bigger images)

Some quick and fun quixel/photoshop texturing tests: (click for bigger images)

The 3D Printed small model: (click for bigger images)

3d printed farewell gift to colleague

Category : 3D, 3d printing, maya · No Comments · by November 10, 2017

Ever since I got a 3D printer the possibilites for even the simplest of things became real, like this farewell gift to a colleague who is off to new adventures, why not make it a more I-wont-forget-you kind of gift, especially when you have internal jokes haha.

This was a quick modeling session in maya, then once printed I painted some parts with acrylic paint, this was damn fun for such a small project!
The model in maya: (click for bigger images)
The 3d printed parts: (click for bigger images)

The assembled and painted version: (click for bigger images)

And a happy colleague: (click for bigger images)

GOW Turntable

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This is a turntable of the God of War project in my gallery that I did for fun after playing GOW3.
It’s a maya viewport rendered work.

Still image:

Squiddy with some ptex

Category : maya, mental ray, mudbox, ptex, vector displacement · No Comments · by March 22, 2014

This is a personal wip project I did for fun while learning to work with PTEX, so in these renders everything is UV-free, oh the joy! The whole idea of creating this project came after playing God of War: Acension, for those of you that have played it will quickly recongnize that the octopus monster is based on the character Alecto, which I loved!

More updates will come even tho I have put this project to some rest for now since I’ve accomplished my goal of understanding a PTEX workflow.

Click for 1080P

Click for 1080P

Click for 1080P

This is one my earlier tests with PTEX and the benefit of using vector displacement maps with Maya and mental ray Click for hi-res